CyberOU is Oakland University’s premier technology and cyber security organization, founded Winter 2013. CyberOU has over 300 registered members through Oakland University and hosts a variety of events which are informative, demonstrative and exciting. Events range from demonstrating how to hack into WPA and WPE wireless access points, to having a leading security expert help us realize the effect if we lost the ability to control our autonomous robots, to bringing in fortune 100 companies to help get our information technology and computer science students on the right track to a growing and successful lifelong career. CyberOU is dedicated to the growth of Oakland University, our supporting faculty, and more importantly, our loyal members. Our mission is to spread awareness of the importance and impacts of modern cyber security through practice and knowledge alongside spreading the importance of information technology in business, education and everyday life. All members must sign a WhiteHat agreement.

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CyberOU’s awards from the Center for Student Activites:

1. SAFB’s Best New Student Organization, 2013 – 2014

2. Outstanding New Student Organization of the Year, 2013 – 2014

3. Outstanding Educational Program for Oakland University’s Cyber Summit, 2014

4. Outstanding Adviser of a Student Organization,
2015 & 2016 (Jane Dietrich and Preston Brooks)

5. Outstanding President of a Student Organization,
2015 (Arnaud Crowther) & 2016 (Amanda LaBelle)

6. Student Organization of the Year, 2016